It is our mission to provide our patients with the upmost quality care.  One way of doing so is through a continuous integration of new technologies.
Please review some of our newest technologies here, and click on a picture for more detailed information
Soft Tissue Laser:
 Technology The soft-tissue diode should be added to every restorative and esthetic dental practitioner’s arsenal. Soft-tissue diode laser techniques are more efficient and gentle when compared with previous procedures.  In addition to efficiency and comfort, the lasers are much less traumatic to the surrounding areas and the patient.  This reduces overall pain, and speeds up heal time.
Digital X-Ray Units:
digital x rays e1392580110680 Technology Digital x-rays provide many advantages to the patient, the doctor, and the environment. With digital x-rays Dr. Moore is better equipped to diagnose and explain treatment plans to you. He does this through a combination of visual demonstration and crystal clear images that could not be achieved with a traditional x-ray film.