About Dr. Moore

Dr. Moore graduated with a biology degree from the University of Michigan, and then he attended the University of Detroit School of Dentistry, receiving his dental degree in 1979.  He has also placed an emphasis on continuing education, and he has taken advanced clinical courses at the Las Vegas Institute from 1996- present.

Dr. Moore began practicing in the Dearborn area upon his graduation.  Dr. Moore is a proud member of the Dearborn community, and he has always taken on an active roll through local organizations and events.  The community means a lot to Dr. Moore, which helps guide his business, providing him a personal interest in each and every individual that comes into his office.  Dr. Moore has a warm, caring, and gentle style that helps ease the anxiety that can be a result from dental procedures.  By taking the time to understand his client’s health goals and priorities, Dr. Moore is able to customize dental treatment to meet every patient’s specific concerns.

At home Dr. Moore is happily married to his wife Yvette, and together they have 6 children- T.J., Travis, Trevor, Tristan, Kyle and Camille.  Dr. Moore also has a love for his three dogs Dalton, Nikolai, and Lulu.

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